Nick Jonas Looks Very Happy As He & Joe Jonas Leave The Chateau Marmont

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So uh, Nick Jonas, you’re looking really happy there, aren’t you?

The singer was spotted out in West Hollywood last night heading home after a night of partying with his brother Joe Jonas at the Chateau Marmont. Let me just get this out of the way, Joe is still without his mustache and I am sad.

OK guys, I’m like 95% positive that Nick is drunk. Which is of course fine since he’s 21, but my god it’s hysterical. Just look at how happy he looks! 

I have stared at photos of Nick for years and never have I seen this look on his face. Have you? Can you point me to a picture with it in case I’ve missed it? Also, Joe, where’s your girlfriend Blanda? Or was it a guy’s night out?

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Nick and Joe heading to their cars. Seriously, I’m going to frame these photos of Nick. He looks hot and hysterical. That is truly the best combination, non? I wonder if Joe called on his Uber friends to give them a ride?