Nick Jonas Hangs Out With His Brothers In Hawaii, Why Wasn’t I Invited?

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Umm, Nick Jonas. I thought we were closer than this.

The hottest Jonas BrotherI’m not making this up, it’s true–was spotted in Oahu, Hawaii yesterday enjoying an afternoon lunch with his brothers Joe and Kevin. Hey boys, where are all your ladies? Don’t you guys love posing with them every chance you get?

The gents are currently in Hawaii for a performance, which sounds like the best work related vacation ever. Umm, can I just go work in Hawaii? Why isn’t that a thing for me? Also, why wasn’t invited to join you guys? 

It’s fine I’ll get over it. So is it wrong that I’m hoping for some drunk videos from them? Now that Nick is 21 he can pretty much do anything he wants, except rent a car, so drunk videos are necessary. Or even some drunk Tweeting. That could be fun too.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the boys being attractive in Hawaii. Any of you folks lucky enough to live in Hawaii and see the Jonas Brothers? Let me know in the comments so that I can sit here and be jealous of you.