Nick Jonas Hails Cab And Avoids Unwanted Guest In New York [PHOTOS]

Nick and Joe in London
The two Jonas brothers party it up in London
Nick Jonas was spotted grabbing Jamba Juice in New York City over the weekend. The singer/actor (and future reality show star?) looked cool and casual walking the streets of New York, waving to paparazzi and reminding us that he is a pro at hailing a cab.

Unfortunately, earlier in the week the youngest of the Jonas Brothers trio reportedly had to deal with a very persistent admirer at a private party for Blair Croce, daughter of CiCi’s pizza founder Joe Croce. The New York Post is reporting that the singer and his brother Joe Jonas were the objects of affection to a young party-goer who “was lingering around his general area, trying to get a good look at him and Joe.”

I’m sure the behavior of the young fan is nothing new to the famous brothers, who recently performed at Philly’s Fourth of July Jam/Wawa Welcome To America event in Philadelphia. Still it is probably bothersome when they can’t enjoy a simple celebration without getting stalked by young fans, so make sure you all remember to keep your cool while stalking and avoid being creepy.