Nick Jonas Continues His Mission To Look Cute All The Time, Starting A Band With Demi Lovato?

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I am unsure of what skills Nick Jonas has, but that man always looks good. Always.

Having lunch with his girlfriend? Hawt. Having lunch with his brother? Hawt. Maybe it’s something about having lunch…? No wait, here are his biceps to make you happy. You’re welcome.

So guess what Nick was doing today? You’re right! Having lunch. God I love him. Also, have you heard the latest rumors swirling about Nick and Demi Lovato

Despite the fact that Joe Jonas may or may not have broken Demi’s heart, she and Nick are still really good friends. They perform together, work together and–if the timing is right one day–they might even start a band together. Demi told MTV, “We may or may not have picked out the band name already.” She wouldn’t tell us what is is but I’m guessing “This Jonas Didn’t Dump Me”. Too much?

Leave your band name guesses in the comments below. But first, launch the gallery and look at hot Nick. Hot Nick is a Friday must.