Nick, Joe & Kevin Jonas Grace Us With Their Presence, Grab A Brotherly Breakfast [PHOTOS]

Shirtless Pics Of Joe Jonas
The singer relaxed in Mexico with friends.
Oh ma gad! It’s the Jonas Brothers!

My inner tween is so excited. Nick, Joe & Kevin Jonas were spotted in Hollywood on Saturday (August 11) grabbing breakfast at Kings Road Cafe. The trio made the trip in Joe’s fancy new Fisker Karma car. Don’t worry guys, once Nick gets his gig on American Idol he’ll have fancy cars, too.

Obviously all three look adorable. I mean, that’s there job, right? Especially that Nick. Remember that moment Nick became the hottest brother? It’s the first time in quite a while that we’ve spotted all three boys together, so we gotta know, what’s brought on this super special occasion?

Is it perhaps a new album? New tour dates? Is Kevin trying to get them on his new E! show? Sadly, we don’t know. Yet. What we know is that we do and always will love the Jonas Brothers.

Check out all the photos of the brother’s lunch in the gallery. Any of you SOCIALITE LIFE fans happen to catch a  glimpse of the trio at breakfast? If you did–and even if you didn’t–what do you think they’re talking about?! Let us know down below!

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