Nick, Joe & Kevin Jonas Grab Dinner, Look Hot In The Process [PHOTOS]

Nick and Joe in London
The two Jonas brothers party it up in London
Look what we found! A Jonas Brothers dinner.

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas were spotted at Street restaurant in LA grabbing what we can only assume was an awesome dinner. I mean, when the three of them are together in a room, it’s bound to be awesome.

The trio arrived and left together, which really just adds to the adorableness. Joe looked cute in black skinny jeans and a denim shirt, while Nick went for a leather jacket. Sadly we didn’t get a good view of what Kevin was wearing, but we can only assume it’s cute. So what’s new in the JoBro world, boys?

Not enough! Sure Kevin’s got his Married to Jonas show and Joe just turned 23, but I need me some more fun stuff! Can’t one of you start dating someone new, or release an album, or show up shirtless somewhere? The people of America need this, Jonas Brothers.

Lauch the gallery to check out all the photos from the bro’s outing. Are we still at a point where we can have a favorite Jonas Brother? Because if we are, which one is your favorite? I find I’m still partial to Kevin.

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