Nick Carter Performs In New York Days After Sister Leslie’s Passing [PHOTOS]

Nick Carter went ahead with a scheduled show at Irving Plaza in New York City last night, despite sister Leslie’s passing on Tuesday (February 1st).

One fan, Laura Codd made 100 pink hearts to hand out to the most female audience members, all of whom held them up in support of Carter and his family.  “I made 100 of them and passed them out to the crowd … to show we love him and support him and we appreciate him still coming out and performing tonight,” Codd told People Magazine.

Concertgoers told the magazine that Carter was upbeat and delivered a high-energy show, cracking jokes every now and then with the crowd.  Later, Carter paid tribute to Leslie with the song, “Falling Down,” telling his fans, “I’ve never done this before and I never thought I’d ever have to, but I’d like to dedicate this song to my sister.”

When he played the Backstreet Boys beat, “I Want It That Way,” Carter yelled to the crowd, “Let’s celebrate her life!”