Nicholas Kirkwood Thinks Duchess Kate’s Shoes Are Boring

Kate Goes Casual
HRH at the Olympic Park in London.
Catherine In 2011
HRH's show-stopping looks from the past year.
Kate In Amanda Wakeley
The Duchess wore a vintage piece at Clarence House.
It appears we have another talking head who doesn’t approve of the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion choices.  Kelly Osbourne and Vivienne Westwood have both squawked publicly about Catherine’s outfit repeats and makeup application.

“Well I’m sorry but if I had that job I would only wear it once,” Osbourne said to Jay Leno back in August.  “If I am going to be the future bloody Queen of England I’m going to wear that dress once because I’m giving up the rest of my life, all of my privacy, at least I can get a new dress every day.”

Westwood had this to say about Catherine’s beauty routine.  “I think she’s got a problem with eye make-up!” Westwood told the Telegraph. “The sharp line around her eyes make her look hard. Either she should be smudgy or wear none.”  

The designer doesn’t seem to think much of Kate’s wardrobe either. “Let me put it this way. I t seems to me, that her image is ‘ordinary woman.’ Therefore, high street shopper. And I just think she should be an extraordinary woman, wherever she gets her clothes from.” 

Shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood is the latest member of the fashion peanut gallery to sound off on Her Royal Highness’s style.  “It’d be great if she did wear the shoes,” Kirkwood told the Daily Beast of his avant-garde designs.  “She just wears too much High Street stuff. I know she’s trying to be democratic, but I don’t know how many pairs of LK Bennett you can wear. She does occasionally come out and is wearing McQueen or something like that. It’s like, ‘Do that more! You’re meant to be a princess-y type of person, so act like one!’”

Kirkwood, let’s not forget that Catherine has to make several appearances on foot, so the need for jazzy 5-inch heels isn’t something that she thinks about all the time.  She wore delightful Jimmy Choos to BAFTA’s “Brits To Watch” event in July, but you couldn’t see them under the custom-made McQueen gown.  She recycles her trusty LK Bennett and Manolo court shoes because that’s what a real woman does.  How marvelous it must be to wear a $1200 pair of shoes and then relegate them to the back of the closet at night’s end.

We all know where I stand on this, but I want to know what you think.  Does Catherine play it too safe?  Or is she doing a marvelous job of mixing the high and low?