Nicholas Hoult Suits Up & Looks Fly At The Rome Premiere Of ‘Warm Bodies’

Nicholas & Jennifer
Back when Nicholas Hoult & Jennifer Lawrence dated.
Anybody else excited that Nicholas Hoult is will be hitting the big screen again soon?

The sexy British star was spotted looking dapper on the red carpet at the Rome premiere of his new film, Warm Bodies. It’s amazing seeing how Nicholas has grown up to be so hot. Remember when he was the little kid from About A Boy?

Nicholas may have recently split up with Jennifer Lawrence, but he didn’t seem to let that bother him. Maybe he was too focused on the fact that he had to eat fake human brain in Warm Bodies. What exactly was said fake brain made of?

Well, as Nicholas joked, “I think it was made of the brains of ex-American Idol contestants, They just lined up and shipped ‘em out for us. Which was really nice.” Sexy, and he has a sense of humor. And look at that smile!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Nicholas at the Rome premiere! Excited for Warm Bodies to hit theaters? I’m not sure how I feel about making zombies sexy. Anyone care to explain the appeal? Other than Nicholas’ pretty face, of course.

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