Nicholas Hoult Poses Along Side Huge Footprint, Shows He’s Game For Almost Anything [PHOTOS]

Geez. What celebrities have to do for a little movie promotion.

Actor Nicholas Hoult and director Bryan Singer attended the Jack The Giant Slayer “footprint ceremony” held at the TCL Chinese Theatre yesterday (February 28, 2013) in Hollywood, California. Who was the marketing genius behind this idea?

Despite dressing in all grey, Nicholas managed to look rather chipper. And that face. I mean, come on, you could stare at it all day long.

Most American moviegoers first laid eyes on Nicholas Hoult as Marcus, the gawky 12-year-old London lad who latches onto Hugh Grant’s shallow cad of a father figure in the 2002 comedy About a Boy

Jack was supposed to come out last summer, but was pushed to this year to better accommodate the massive task of fine-tuning its special effects. During the delay, Hoult became a full-fledged celebrity.

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