Nicholas Hoult Hams It Up At ‘Warm Bodies’ Photocall, Spotted Getting Cosy With Actress Tatiana Luter [PHOTOS]

Nicholas & Jennifer
Back when Nicholas Hoult & Jennifer Lawrence dated.
Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer continued their promotion tour for Warm Bodies, as they attended the photocall for the film at Soho Hotel on January 18, 2013 in London, England.

Hoult spoke of working with actor John Malkovich on the film. He said:

[We] only had I think two scenes together, one where he threatens to shoot me and the other one where he does shoot me. That’s not a great track record for me with scenes with John Malkovich. But yeah, I mean…it’s intimidating doing scenes with him, he’s a fantastic actor. But a very nice guy and easy to work with. Just fun to watch, you know? And fun to see how he changes scenes up and brings a good energy to set.

Nicholas has apparently quickly moved on from Jennifer Lawrence.

The actor was spotted laughing, holding hands and dancing the night away with Italian actress Tatiana Luter in Elle night club in Rome.

Mmm. Why ya moving so fast Nicholas?