Nice Rock

June 30th, 2005 // 22 Comments

Whose finger is it attached to? Find out after the jump.

That was an easy one, right?

(Images via The Greek Princess)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Keyla

    Those freakishly huge fingers deserve a freakishly huge rock to go with them.

  2. Linda

    With all that cash you’d think the girl could get a manicure! Ewwwww!

  3. Lisa

    I think the ring is obnoxious and shows no class. Very appropriate for her actually.

  4. j

    Man hands!!

  5. ma

    She really needed something to draw the attention away from those freakish knuckles!

  6. ella

    I love how the picture makes it look like she has a couple of nubs….

  7. whiteraevyn

    Oh now come on.

    That ring is completely ostentatious and classless. And it’s UGLY. It just screams “I WANT TO SHOW OFF HOW RICH I AM!” If my fiance had gotten me something like that, I would have marched him right back to the jewelry store to pick out something more subtle and tasteful.

  8. Prentiss

    Her nails are hideous. Considering that so much aoout her is fake (hair extensions, blond color, fake tan, fake blue eyes), couldn’t she get some fake nails?

  9. Tatty

    ewwwwwww! those nails are like, not cool; more like GROSS!!!! Please Get a manicure before you go around showing off a rock like that.

  10. Mariana

    It looks like something that popped out of a gumball machine. Only partially because it’s so huge though. The “Paris effect” of cheapening whatever she touches is in full swing here.

  11. busybody

    We know your ritch!!! OK we get it. You have a ton of money. Geeezzz….

  12. C

    Is it just me, or wouldn’t a normal person feel….I don’t know….guilty, maybe….for wearing a big hideous piece of jewelry worth millions, when people are starving in the world?
    Maybe it’s just me….

  13. murphette

    Plus those glasses are really ugly. She’s been wearing them non-stop lately.

  14. DieParisDie

    god, that ring is bigger than her brain.

    prolly smarter too.

    Now we’ll have to suffer through 9 million articles of panic related to “OMG Paris lost her ring!!” Complete with Wanted Posters.

    She’s a complete fucktard

  15. Cheyenne

    Oh shit! I really hope that damn ring doesn’t have picture taking capabilities! If I have to suffer through any more of her weird ass cell phone type pics, I think I will have to kill myself!!

  16. Coco

    Its fascinating really. Each comment was more vicious than the one before it.

  17. J ~

    What a bunch of haters…..

  18. lala

    “before i could give a f*ck
    now i could give a f*ck less.”

    same here.

  19. Cheyenne

    Yup. Hate her. She is an example of everything that is wrong with America. Just wait until all these little ten year old fans of hers start flashing themselves, making sex videos and dressing like hos.

  20. Maria

    One of the many things I can’t stand about her is that I have spent my entire adult life having to prove my intelligence in my mostly male field, and here comes this walking blow up doll, without any brains, morals, education or respect for herself, and she is getting paid lots of money to be this way? I think she just set women back a few decades!

  21. jjj

    Whaddya wanna bet that she wore it to Live8 in London this weekend? Of course, she had no idea what the purpose of the concert was…

  22. yolanda

    Well maybe when she gets married she will get somewhere and sit down!!!! Nice ring,too big for a 1/4 pounder

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