Nibby Things: Jude Law Gets His Panties In A Twist

April 19th, 2006 // 4 Comments

Apparently a screenshot of our site’s our Nibbly Things made it on to one of VH1′s shows. The subject of the show or segment was about 10 ways to become a tabloid superstar. Does anyone know what show that was? Email us.


  • After threatening the photog (“I’ll have you up for pedophilia!”), Jude Law questions the cameraman about filming his kids, and the cameraman claims he didn’t realize he was filming them. Law then appears to slap the camera, saying, “Look in your fucking camera! You don’t film my fucking children!” Law says again before hurling a few more obscenities, then leaving. While I can sympathize with Mr. Law for not wanting his children filmed, but unless they were playing naked, I don’t think the pedophillia label quite fits the photog. [TMZ]
  • Apparently it wasn’t Britney‘s fault when Sean Preston fell from his high chair. A nanny was taking the seven-month-old tot from his high chair earlier this month when “something snapped.” I’m assuming the high chair was not a gift from Shar Jackson. [Scoop]
  • Who knew that Fear Factor‘s Joe Rogan is a beacon of hate speech, shocking racism and outright cruelty. He’s even a bigger loser than I could have ever imagined. [Best Week Ever]
  • Angelina Jolie‘s former lesbian lover Jenny Shimizu once gave someone her ATM card to buy $200 worth of heroin (eleven years ago), and that person overdosed . . . blah blah blah. Not news. [Page Six]
  • Celebrity Big Brother loser Pete Burns was arrested on Sunday after allegedly attacking his ex-boyfriend Michael Simpson. The former Dead or Alive singer reportedly went mad after his ex Simpson arrived at the Ghetto Club in London just weeks after they split. He may want to have join a support group with Pete Doherty. [Entertaimentwise]
  • Paris Latsis was present at Stavros Niarchos‘ 21st birthday party. He’s currently developing film projects with Paris. [Rush & Molloy]
  • Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber have supposedly called off a wedding, but now Star magazine is reporting that the two were spotted buying a 5-carat engagement ring at Beverly Hills jeweler Neil Lane. The rock goes for $150,000. Make up your mind people! [Scoop]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Just JuneBug

    theres a show on E! thats called The Daily 10….and they do stuff like that.

    Not sure if VH1 does as well or if those 2 networks are connected.

  2. Sandy

    As for Jude Law and the pedophiia bit he has every
    right to call it that. for one thing, In pictures
    taken on the beach this week they had the indecency to photograph the 3-yr old naked. Jude
    wss holding his hand and I’m sure he did not give
    permission, They are beautiful children and the
    Internet can be a very ugly place. He’s right to
    be angry a hell. The time has come for worldwide
    policing of this threat to a idividual’s privacy.

  3. dolores craeg

    jude law has those paparrazi in his face for the last five years. they record what he does almost every day of his life. he doesn’t like it but he has to accept it. he does not,however. have to go along with the paps flashing cameras in his small children’s face every day which is what has been happening. there needs to be a LAW to protect mr.LAW and other celebrities from this kind of harrassment. there is a limit as to how much invasion of privacy photographers can have. jude is a great actor and that’s what we want to know more of. not where he eats where he sleeps etc…give the guy a break.

  4. You were also on German television about three weeks ago. Had something to do with the new James Bond. And they showed the entry with him topless on the beach…

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