Nibby Things: Barbra Striesand And Prince Charles?


  • Barbra Streisand had affairs with both Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s doomed lover Dodi Fayed, a new book claims today. Charles is said to have fantasised about the 63-year-old diva in his journal, noting down that “she has great sex appeal”. Eww. [Mirror]
  • Did Star Jones call Joy Behar a bitch on yesterday’s The View? If so, if I were Joy, I’d take it as a compliment. [NYP]
  • It looks like Amanda Scheer Demme is not the golden child that she used to be. The owners of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel seem fed up with Amanda Scheer Demme, who operates Teddy’s and the Tropicana there, have told her they’re dissolving her contract. Poor thing. [Page Six]
  • Jesse Metcalfe had a few problems getting into two separate clubs at the Roosevelt Hotel. I wonder if Amanda Scheer Demme had anything to do with it? [TMZ]
  • Daniel Vosovic’s hair still is looking fabulous. Luxurious and full of product during the auditions for Project Runway 3. [Queerty]
  • Girls Gone Wild mogul Joe Francis is looking to buy Playboy. Quite a good fit if you ask me. [Page Six]
  • Why is Katie Holmes not looking like Katie Holmes? [Defamer]