Nibbly Things:Courtney Love’s Institutionalized, Ingrid Parewijck’s Coked Up, and More

July 14th, 2004 // 1 Comment

> Courtney Love in Institution With Guardian
That’s not sounding too good. [AP]
> Belgian Model Ingrid Parewijck Busted at JFK For Cocaine Posession
A model, who does cocaine? Shocking! [KTB]
> Jennifer Lopez Orders 10,000 Hangers
I only give you the news you need to know. [Female First]
> Paris’ Invasion of Privacy Lawsuit Thrown Out
She just sued, because she felt she should sue. She would have never won. [TVNZ]
> Hue Owner is Less Than Pleased With Coco Henson Scales
Please. He’s loving the publicity. [NYP]
> Ron Reagan To Address The Democratic National Convention
On the worthy stem cell research cause. Ronald does a semi-in-grave-rollover. [johnnyagogo]
> Paul McCartney Freaked Out By Vase of Lillies in Madrid Hotel Room
Apparently, they were using up too much oxygen. What? [The Corsair]
> New York City Food Critics Reviewed
Amanda Hesser came in at number 25 out of 29 critics. Squish. [SLAMMED]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. christina

    As for Courtney Love…If your lawyers have to “categorically deny” that your hosptialization is drug related, you have major issues (which we know). And I’ve always noticed that when something is “categorically denied,” it tends to be true.

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