Nibbly Things: Whitney Houston Goes to the DMV

  • Whitney Houston showed a little more of her independence when she was spotted at the DMV where she was renewing her driver’s license. Good going, Whitney. You may want to kick that smoking habit too. I know, baby steps. [Janet Charlton]
  • Is Kate Moss set to become a designer? She is rumored to be in the process of designing a new collection for the popular chain Topshop, according to The Guardian. Could things get any better for Kate? [Daily Mail]
  • Did Martha Stewart send spies to a Rachel Ray taping? That’s what the buzz is about this morning. Is someone getting paranoid? [Page Six]
  • Oprah Winfrey is not looking to become President. Her lawyers have ordered Kansas City businessman Patrick Crowe, who has spearheaded the effort for years, to cease and desist using a phone website that contains the talk-show queen’s name and a toll-free number whose last five digits spell out Oprah – because they are allegedly causing “damage and irreparable injury” to her production company, Harpo. [Page Six]
  • The Rock turned his life around after he drove his mother to tears due to his petty crime arrests as a youth. [Starpulse]

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