Nibbly Things: Will Whitney Houston Replace Paula Abdul?

  • It looks like the producers of American Idol are hoping to snag Whitney Houston to replace Paula Adbul. [Junk Feud]
  • When will Paris Hilton realize that she can’t faze the Brits and the Greeks don’t like her much either. [Radar Online]
  • Rob Thomas is more of a Brad Pitt man. Plus he’s offended by the rumors that he’s a Scientologist. [Dlisted]
  • The Butterscotch Stallion is embracing his nickname. Owen Wilson “proceeded to lick her (a dates) buttocks for over two hours.” The easygoing actor was hardly embarrassed. “It’s like, ‘Who cares?’ ” [Page Six]
  • We can all rest a little easier knowing Brad Pitt been diagnosed with a mild case of viral meningitis, and not the ebola virus. [AP]
  • Newly manorexic Tom Arnold softly chuckles as he contemplates world domination. [The Corsair]

(Image via fourfour)