Nibbly Things: Was Macaulay Culkin Home Alone With Michael Jackson?

  • Macaulay Culkin say hello to the Michael Jackson child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion trial. Even though Culkin has repeatedly denied that anything ever took place between himself and Jacko, the prosecutors are looking to show a pattern of abuse. So in other words, while Macaulay wasn’t Michael’s “special plaything,” he was working his way towards accumulating “special playthings.” [Zap2it]
  • Page Six is having a hissyfit for not being told the truth. They are calling Nancy Kirkpatrick, the head of public relations for Paramount, the biggest liar in Hollywood. No, that would be Lindsay Lohan’s publicist. Old Nancy lied that Sherry Lansing wasn’t stepping down, was finishing out her contract, that Don Deline (head of Paramount) wasn’t leaving. You get the picture. Lighten up Page Six, it’s called doing her job. [Page Six]
  • How many perfumes does a singer need to launch. Apparently, Celine needs at least three. The first was entitled Celine Dion, the second Notes, and the third will be called Belong. “The new fragrance reflects where Celine is right now in her life enjoying her family when she is out of the spotlight.” How deep. Coty was originally going to call it Eau de Las Vegas, but thought that the marketing would be tough for that since it had to stay in Vegas. Ba da bing. [ABC News]
  • Well, well, well. A blog has lead to a modeling contract. Sort of. Well anyway, she’s a blogger who now has an endorsement deal as a spokesmodel for LocalBrand. What’s so interesting about this is that they are using the fact that she’s a blogger in her campaign. Congrats to the gorgeous Wendy Cheng.[Adrants]
  • Sophia Vergara isn’t Tom Cruise’s girlfriend. She’s laughing at how gullible the media is, regarding that the media is assuming they are a couple. Honey, we’re not that gullible. [Page Six]