Nibbly Things: White Trash Britney Spears, Vivica A. Fox Talks Trash, & More

> White Trash Britney
For the love of God, learn how to dress in public. [stereogum]
> Vivica A. Fox Kind of Trash Talks 50 Cent
“My films have grossed over $1 billion worldwide,” Fox said. “I ain’t got to use nobody for no cover of no magazines. I’ve been on magazines forever. So he can put that where? Back there!” Which films would those be? [AP]
> Tom Cruise To Salute Tillman at ESPY’s
Wouldn’t a former coach or teammate have been more appropriate? Why Tom Cruise? Does someone have a film opening soon? Media Fucker. [AP]
> Scary Photo of Allegra Beck
It must be that coffee and cigarette’s diet that Donatella has her on. [Hello]
> Paris the Singer
Her producer says she sounds fine. Not quite a ringing endorsement is it? [NYDN]