Nibbly Things: Victoria Gotti Goes Ballistic

  • Victoria Gotti’s son Carmine is currently on VH1’s But Can You Sing?. Every week he butchers a song, and this week the host of the show pretty much told him that he was awful (“Words can’t describe how I feel about that performance, but sounds can. You sounded like a cat caught in a muffler”). Victoria, went ballistic and the set was shut down for over an hour. [Page Six]
  • First David Cross, and now model/actor Jason Lewis has an impostor. Well, a Lindsay Lohan text messaging impostor. [Lowdown]
  • In a surprise to no one, Russell Crowe receives no jail time for his Namoi Campbell impersonation. [NYP]
  • It’s way too early in the morning to stomach this news. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kirsten Dunst have sparked romance rumours after they were spotted canoodling in public. [FemaleFirst]
  • The metrosexual Kanye West is still grappling with his homophobia. “I still wouldn’t feel comfortable at a gay bar. I wouldn’t go to a gay parade. I don’t know if I’m in favor of gay marriage or not.” And he feels slightly bad about freestyling about beating up gays in front of a gay person. What a guy. [Lowdown, 2nd item]
  • Any mother in her right mind, would be hysterically crying over the thought of her son marrying Kimberly Stewart. That’s just how Talan Torriero mother is handling the news. [Page Six]
  • It looks like Tara Reid does have some aspiriations after all. She is desperate to appear on the next season of Dancing with the Stars.” Okay, I’d actually pay to see that. [SFG Daily Dish]
  • Oh, Brittany Murphy. Are you really dealing with your mother’s cancer, or are you really smacked out? I’m thinking it may be a combo of both. [Radar Online]