Nibbly Things: Victoria Beckham Has Sort Of Read Books

  • It seems that Victoria Beckham is trying to clarify the never read a book statement. She has read books, but she just hasn’t finished reading one. [ITN]
  • Will the Ellen DeGeneres show return sans dancing? Let’s hope so. [AP]
  • Lindsay Lohan spreads peace. [Junk Feud]
  • What is the point of Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson staying together if they can’t stand each other? [Lowdown]
  • According to Charlotte Church, her Welsh Rugby star boyfriend Gavin Henson is not gay. “He does not pluck his eyebrows! He’s not gay. He’s very, very not gay.” Point made. [Mirror]
  • … Got Heroin? (6th image down) [The Corsair]
  • Could Antonio Banderas mean trouble for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony? Will Melanie Griffith go off the deep end again? [Star Magazine]