Nibbly Things: Victoria Beckham Preggers, Britney’s a No-Show & More

> Skeletor Victoria Beckham Pregnant With Third Child
You see, they are in love. Or was it a big ploy for David not to leave her? [AP]
> No Britney At VMA’s
She may be a stupid woman, but she wasn’t going to get married on stage at the MTV VMA’s. [Defamer]
> Russell Crowe Gets In Fight With His Own Bodyguard
Those crazy Aussie’s. And do you believe, drinking WAS involved. [AP]
> Monica Lewinsky Has No Regrets For Giving $700,000 Interview
Imagine how many blue dresses that can buy. [AP]
> Is Natasha Lyonne the Cracktress?
Parker Posey is not a crackhead. [Anonymous Outsider]
> Laura Branigan Dies
Somewhere Michael Bolton’s still singing “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You.” [E Online]
> Alec Baldwin’s Still One Pissed Off Dude
When you’re trying to receive more visitation rights, it’s probably best to not get too pissed off in court. [NYP]