Nibbly Things: Tori Spelling May Not Be Shut Out Of Will As Previously Thought

  • Those reports of Tori Spelling only inheriting $800,000 are false, according to Tori’s mother, Candy Spelling. Candy’s representative Kevin Sasaki says, “I know that based on what I know, the claims made by the magazine were ridiculous and inaccurate. That’s all that can be said.” So maybe she’s up for $900,000. [Starpulse]
  • Actor Woody Harrelson will not face felony charges in connection with a confrontation with a cameraman outside a Hollywood nightclub last month, but still could face misdemeanor charges. I pray for you Woody. [USA Today]
  • Wesley Snipes turns into a vampire during lovemaking, according to Welsh lap dancer Fran Murphy. She says Snipes nibbled the base of her neck and licked warm chocolate sauce off her during a “six-day sex marathon.” Murphy tells London’s News of the World the actor is “very strong and well blessed in the trouser department.” Isn’t that special. [Rush & Molloy]
  • Prince is headed for divorce court once again. His wife Manuela Testolini filed for divorce in Minneapolis on May 25. When asked a hypothetical question, she apparently refused to die 4 him. [Janet Charlton]

Written by Tara Benedict