Nibbly Things: Tom Cruise Threatens To Sue Again and More

Tom Cruise Threatening 956,415 Lawsuit
And no, not because of the gay thing. It’s over some taped conversations transformed into a stage production. [The Corsair]
Star Jones Throws Hissy Bitchfit On The View
I think Star has many more things to worry about regarding her marriage, than switched placecards at the wedding. [Page Six]
Film Version Of Rent To Be Filmed In San Francisco
WTF? I love San Francisco, but this does not make any sense. [Out of Focus]
Nicole Kidman And Steven Bing Seen Canoodling
Don’t do it Nicole! He’s just above pond scum on the evolution list. [NYDN]
Lionel Richie’s Estranged Wife Charged For “Botox” Party
The problem is the doc was giving shots of non-approved FDA anti-wrinkle potions. [AP]