Nibbly Things: The Vibe Awards Go Ghetto and More

The Vibe Awards Get Nasty
Someone gets stabbed during the taping of the show. That just wouldn’t happen at the Oscars. [MTV]
Is Paris Sleeping With Todd Meister
If it’s true, I’m sure the videotape will turn up somewhere. [Bastardly]
Al Reynolds Had a Roman Theme Bachelor Party
That sounds pretty “gay” to me. [Page SixSixSix]
Star Jones Gets Hubby To Sign Pre-Nup
It’s only for two years though. I’m sure Al hold out a bit longer than that. [Page Six]
Bijou Phillips Kicked Out Of Another Club
This time after she swung her purse at Teen People’s music editor, Zena Burns. [Page Six]
Posh Spice Wants Osbourne Style Reality Show
I’d watch so I could drool over David Beckham. [Sky]
Gotti Brothers Get Beaten Up
Victoria Gotti told PAGE SIX’s Fernando Gil the attack on her sons was an unprovoked act caused by sheer jealousy: “Carmine dated a girl he liked. Jealousy makes people do crazy things. This boy was no exception to the rule. It’s unfortunate that boys can’t talk out their differences.” – Jealousy? Maybe disgust? [Page Six]