Nibbly Things: Tara Reid Doesn’t Want To Be “The Drunk Girl” and More

Tara Reid Is Known As “This Retard” and “The Drunk Girl”
You may want to stop consuming large quantities of alcholhol. [NYP]
See The Tara Reid Boob Video
Rated R. [College Humor]
Paris Hilton’s Snatch
What’s next, Lindsay Lohan and a cucumber up the butt shot? [Gawker]
Bush + Kerry = Scary
Come together right now. [Julie Saltman]
Paris Hilton Takes In Basketball Game With Howard Stern
When’s that video coming out? [Bastardly]
Tell Me Hate Isn’t Taught?
Pray that the little girl isn’t a lesbian. [Towleroad]
Jonathan Antin Returns
Blow Out comes back to Bravo for season two. [Variety]