Nibbly Things: The SAG Awards Brought Out Everyone

  • Due to some server problems, our SAG awards post didn’t post, so here are a few posts from other blogs. [Pop Culture Junkies, SAG Awards, The Envelope]
  • Coretta Scott King has died. She suffered a stroke and heart attack last year. She will be missed. [AP]
  • Britney Spears is the new face of Cheetos. [Gallery Of The Absurd]
  • Actors Angela Bassett and Courtney Vance welcomed twins. Kudos to the 47-year-old Angela Basset. [AP]
  • Is Scarlett Johannson stepping out on Josh Hartnett with Hard-Fi singer Richard Archer. [FemaleFirst]
  • Playwright Wendy Wasserstein passed away after a long bought with cancer. The theatre has lost a great. [Reuters]
  • Michael Jackson may be in trouble. A custody judge is claiming that the singer “obtained passports for (his) children by the use of subterfuge.” [TMZ]
  • Kathleen Turner begs to differ on Friends not coming back. []
  • The new cast of The Amazing Race looks like it consists of a few kooks. [Whine & Cheese]