Nibbly Things: The Fur Flies Off Of Anna Wintour

  • What it must be like to be Anna Wintour. Hated with such a passion that your face is plastered in bathroom urinals with the caption “fur hag,” and now PETA is sending out peek-a-boo cards that open to reveal an emaciated Wintour in her underwear. [Radar Online]
  • Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston return to Bravo for their very own Christmas special, “Christmas with the Browns.” “White Christmas” could take on a whole new meaning. [realityblurred]
  • Radar magazine has folded. This sucks. We’ll miss you Radar. [Gawker]
  • Lloyd Grove has a new assistant, Katherine Thomson, who who most recently worked under Joe Scarborough at MSNBC. So in other words, she can most likely stand for working for anybody. [FWD]
  • Another sign that reality TV has no limits. We have a reality series featuring members of the Jackson family that we don’t care about to look forward to. [Reuters]
  • Christina Aguilera is not to be referred to as Mrs. B. Except when she’s being Dirty. [People]
  • Heisman trophy loser gone wild! [Deadspin]