Nibbly Things: The Continuing Saga Of Brad And Jennifer and More

Brad Pitt Moves Back In With Jennifer
Keep on praying people. The “golden couple” can be saved. [Ananova]
Jocelyn Wildenstein Dines At Pastis
While wearing a beret. Mmm. [cityrag]
Brother Of Michael Jackson’s Accuser Admits To Lying
Okay. Who in the accuser’s family hasn’t lied. Were two for two right now. [AP]
Maggie Rizer’s Stepfather Get Four Years
For allegedly stealing millions from her and other family members. [AP]
Mischa: Step Away From Brandon Davis
Someone thinks she could do better. [Conversations About Famous People]
Al Qaeda Wanted To Kidnap Russell Crowe
In Allah’s name, why didn’t they? [Defamer]
Benicio Del Toro’s Scarlett Fever
Benicio Del Toro says he honestly cannot recall if he had sex with Scarlett Johansson in an elevator or not. [Ananova]
Buy Mariah Carey’s Panties
Or don’t. [PageSixSixSix]
Lindsay Lohan Keeps On Giving
Us things to write about. [Superficial]