Nibbly Things: The Rock Kicks Ass and More

The Rock Gives Insight On When It’s Proper To Kick Some Ass
Apparently it’s only okay if you’re a pro wrestler and fans hop in the ring. [Page Six]
Anna Wintour Is The Bitch We Always Thought She Was
Her former best friend Vivienne Lasky recalled how a young Anna would buy her stylish outfits as gifts – but the items were always a size too small. – Bitch. [Gawker]
Orlando Bloom And Kate Bosworth Are Over
Kate Bosworth bores me. [People]
Brett Ratner’s Balls
Believe me, no one wants to see them. [Defamer]
Depp’s The Best, Spears Is The Worst In Handing Out Autographs
Britney doesn’t spread the love. How quickly she forgets who made her a star. [Zap2it]
Bachelorette’s Fabrice Doesn’t Reveal He’s Gay
But right now … I don’t feel that there’s this kind of passion between us. I don’t think it’s here, I don’t think it’s ever going to be here. – That’s because your GAY! [reality blurred]
Kidnapped GI May Be Toy Soldier
Those Iraqi’s must be getting bored if they are kidnapping toy soldiers. [The Globe and Mail]
Angelyne Visits Nordstroms
Decked out in a shocking-pink fur jacket, the stockingless senior packed herself into an ultrashort, pink-and-lime neon-hued miniskirt that barely covered her privates. – Love her. []