Nibbly Things: Sandra Bullock Marries Outlaw

  • Sandra Bullock has finally taken the plunge and married Jesse James. I wonder if they’ll play the Cher song at their wedding? [AP
  • It’s not good when you are mistaken for Russian hookers. Those poor Al Fayed daughters. [Gatecrasher, third item]
  • Socialite Nina Griscom held a cocktail party with buff and perfectly bronzed waiters/models were slated to wear just bathing suits as they passed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres to the likes of Vera Wang, Helen Schifter and Yasmin Aga Khan. [Page Six]
  • A clumsy Christina Aguilera was not involved in a fracas with a fan. She sliced two tendons in her arm two weeks ago when she picked up a piece of glass from a vase her dog knocked over and broke in her Los Angeles-area house, publicist Jill Fritzo said Friday. [AP]
  • Jessica Alba waited all the way until she was 18 to have sex. Bravo Jessica, Bravo! [FemaleFirst]
  • The original cop from the Village People, Victor Edward Willis, was arrested by real police who allegedly found a gun and drugs in his convertible. So I guess he didn’t take the uniform too seriously. [AP]