Nibbly Things: Star Jones’ Garden and More

Star Jones Offers Plaque For Payment Of Garden Services
I thinking all of us know where Star should shove that plaque. [E Online]
Sharon Stone Did Not Have a Face Lift
She’s suing a plastic surgeon for defamation and libel for falsely claiming that he gave her a facelift. [Reuters]
Is Jennifer Garner Pregnant?
Probably Not. [Ananova]
Judith Regan Calls Bernie Kerik “Insane & Manical”
He would have been perfect to head up Homeland Security. [NYP]
Nicky Hilton’s Man, Insults FOX’s Roger Friedman
Entourage’s Kevin Connolly said, “You insulted my girlfriend, you fat [bleep]! I hope you die of a heart attack.” Nice. [Page Six]
Eva Defeats YaYa
And becomes a blubbering mess. [low culture]