Nibbly Things: Steve-O Claims Responsibility For Paris Hilton Bentley Crash

  • Steve-O is trying to claim credit for the Paris Hilton/Stavros Niarchos Bentley crash, claiming that he gave them nitrous-filled balloons about a half hour before the crash. Oh, that Steve-O. [Page Six]
  • It looks like its going to be the battle of the gays at this year’s Oscars. With Brokeback Mountain topping tons of critics lists, and now with Capote being named Best Picture by the National Society of Film Critics, it’s going to be all about the gays (or straights playing gays). [AP]
  • Tori Spelling is losing friends as a result of her dumping her first husband for Dean McDermott. Divorce is a bitch. [Page Six]
  • Did Howard Stern mistakenly reveal his marriage to Beth Ostrosky? [National Ledger]
  • Has Tommy Mottola reached the end of his career at Universal Music. He can blame it all on Linsday Lohan. [Gatecrasher]
  • Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas showed up five hours late for an interview with Jay McInerney because he was feeling “a little sad” and had fallen asleep. [Page Six]
  • Singer Pink has married Motocross racer Carey Hart. Good luck to them both. [ABC News]
  • Bai Ling has just signed a deal for a new reality series on VH1. At least she’s keeping things within the career suicide spiral. [Perez Hilton]
  • Nick Lachey needs to keep a closer watch on his bling. He filed a police report saying that a $30,000 was stolen from his cabana, when it was actually in his luggage the whole time. [Page Six]