Nibbly Things: Sleep With Nick Lachey, Get Free Entrance To Pacha

  • If it were only that easy. [Lowdown]
  • Singer Gwen Stefani, is said to be pregnant. Unconventionally, by Hollywood standards, she was married prior to becoming pregnant. [AP]
  • Jude Law and Sienna Miller are set to get re-engaged on Christmas Day. The couple is set to have slept around with other people by New Year’s Day. [MegaStar]
  • There is no Britney Spears/Kevin Federline sex tape. Got it?! [AP]
  • Who made VH1’s 50 hottest actress list? [Save Manny]
  • It’s time for a lesson in party etiquette. Listen up, or make a fool out of yourself. You choose. [How was your day, Dan]
  • Publicists everywhere are going to be signing up for this course on how to hoax the media. [Amy’s New York Notebook]