Nibbly Things: Star Jones – You’re Fired!

  • The red carpet doesn’t love Star Jones. E! has decided not to renew Star Jones’ contract for another year. It seems that they have just realized that the woman is boring and annoying. [Page Six]
  • Is Gwyneth Paltrow pregnant again? We are wet with anticipation regarding what Gwyneth and her husband will name the unborn child. May I suggest Cantaloupe. [Star Magazine]
  • If you missed all the tears that were shed on this weeks America’s Next Top Model. You missed a river’s worth. [fourfour]
  • We love Valentino even more now. “Today you see Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz running around looking unkempt in jogging trousers, they look like bag ladies, like homeless people. In the past you never saw that.” [People]
  • The Catholic church isn’t loving Barbara Walters. “It seems you have a problem with the Catholic Church,” Donohue wrote in an open letter. “[Y]ou read a selection from the Catholic Catechism on homosexuality that you found disagreeable. To be precise, you wondered aloud what the church meant by saying homosexuality was an ‘objective disorder.’ ” Who knew it was a sin to question things? [Lowdown]
  • A pictorial history in celebrity leaks. [cityrag]
  • Alas, it seems that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were just never meant to be. [ABC News]
  • Bruce Willis doesn’t want his daughters practicing the or doing anything Kabbalah related. [Softpedia]
  • Flight Attendants are asking for a boycott of Jodie Foster’s Flightplan. [Pop Culture Junkies]