Nibbly Things: Star Jones – You’re Fired!

September 29th, 2005 // 10 Comments
  • The red carpet doesn’t love Star Jones. E! has decided not to renew Star Jones’ contract for another year. It seems that they have just realized that the woman is boring and annoying. [Page Six]
  • Is Gwyneth Paltrow pregnant again? We are wet with anticipation regarding what Gwyneth and her husband will name the unborn child. May I suggest Cantaloupe. [Star Magazine]
  • If you missed all the tears that were shed on this weeks America’s Next Top Model. You missed a river’s worth. [fourfour]
  • We love Valentino even more now. “Today you see Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz running around looking unkempt in jogging trousers, they look like bag ladies, like homeless people. In the past you never saw that.” [People]
  • The Catholic church isn’t loving Barbara Walters. “It seems you have a problem with the Catholic Church,” Donohue wrote in an open letter. “[Y]ou read a selection from the Catholic Catechism on homosexuality that you found disagreeable. To be precise, you wondered aloud what the church meant by saying homosexuality was an ‘objective disorder.’ ” Who knew it was a sin to question things? [Lowdown]
  • A pictorial history in celebrity leaks. [cityrag]
  • Alas, it seems that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were just never meant to be. [ABC News]
  • Bruce Willis doesn’t want his daughters practicing the or doing anything Kabbalah related. [Softpedia]
  • Flight Attendants are asking for a boycott of Jodie Foster‘s Flightplan. [Pop Culture Junkies]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jane

    Right on Valentino! I for one prefer to my celebrities to look the part, even when they are not on! Stop killing the fantasy by letting me see you in scrunchies, sweatpants, Birks and pants that look they’re carrying a load of warm shit in them!

  2. Girly Girl

    Star Jones.

    First, she claws her way to the ‘top’ of broadcasting by playing up the stereotypical ‘I’m a big black woman and I’ll snap your bony white ass in half if you cross me… now pass the hush puppies’ persona. On the rare occasions I am forced to suffer through The View, I see Barbara, Meredith, that weaselly little Hasselbeck women, and Aunt Jemima. She does a dis-service to sisters everywhere.

    Then she marries Al. Oh, Al. What to say about someone so fucking far in the closet you need the jaws of life to pull him out. Seriously- I don’t care how gay you are, and how badly you don’t want to be… is it really worth fucking Star Jones’ lard ass to try to prove your heterosexuality??? I couldn’t fuck her drunk off my ass with a gun to my head and bag over her face.

    And their clusterfuck of a wedding- I’m sorry but someone should have informed Ms. Jones that corporate sponsors for a wedding is Tacky with a capital T- an orgy of excess… she refused to have children participate because she didn’t want to be ‘out cuted’ by any attendants. WTF? Then maybe her lard ass should have dropped another 40 lbs. Newsflash, Star dear: no one was watching YOU so much as waiting for Al to pull the trigger and tell you he is really in love with Paco the Cabana Boy.

    E! lost my respect… I love all things catty and bitchy and fashionista. But Star Jones has never been, nor will she ever be, worthy of a red carpet. Unless maybe its the one in the produce aisle at Ralph’s….

  3. mischa

    I wanna know why no one has pictured Star Jones with “crotch sweat”??

  4. Jimmy

    GOOD RIDANCE!!!!!!!!!

    miss overly full of herself (i refuse to call her star because she isn’t one…and I refuse to use MRS, since how legitamite is a marriage to a gay man)
    Was beyond BORING@@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!! beyond annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the red carpet

    It was a shame that Kathy griffin was locked away at that desk…..She would have been soooooo much better on the red carpet

  5. Girly Girl

    Mischa- LOL. And TOTALLY gross to think about…

    And Jimmy- I AGREE! I fucking love Kathy Griffin. She is a balls to the wall, unapoligetic gossip. Her show on Bravo was brilliant… love her.

  6. nunya

    Re: Barbara Walters: You go Babs! Screw the catholic church and their pedophile priest lovin’, women hatin’ ways. I always say, Sinead O’Conner had a damn good point ripping up a picture of the pope. I thought I didn’t like Barbara but she’s back on my A list.

  7. whatever

    Fuck Gray…I bought his books and they didn’t work for me!

    I dont see how anyone can judge a relationship from the outside without ever talking to the two parties in person.

    And to call jennifer aniston the ‘sexiest woman’ took away all this credibility.

  8. Brian

    The red carpet won’t be the same without Star “I’m Star Jones Reynolds,where’s my free stuff” planting her lips firmly on the asses of any celebrity in sight.GOOD RIDDANCE to her.She added NOTHING to the Emmy pre-show.Anybody else think Al is wearing her shoes around the house when she isn’t home?

  9. millenium woman

    Valentino can go f*ck himself with that comment. He is the reason why women are always under constant pressure to look GOOD and feminine. Julia Roberts just had twins, why isnt she allowed to dress comfy? Why do women have to doll up all the time, especially if they are not even working??? He needs to crawl back into the 50s – that’s right, get with the times and accept it.

  10. nunya

    I agree with millenium woman. Valentino can shove it. Women can and will wear whatever the hell they want whenever the hell they want, and no gay ass designer is going to change that. Whats not hot? Looking uncomfortable, overdressed, like you’re trying too hard, at the grocery store. I would laugh if I saw a woman dressed to the nines at Safeway, in fact I have, it looks ridiculous.
    Jane, way to slam women back into the fifties which by the way were not a good time for women. If you want someone to look great all the time why don’t you be the woman we snicker at wearing heels in Albertsons?

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