Nibbly Things: Russell Crowe Fans In Mourning and More

Russell Crowe’s Band Breaks Up
Not quite as earth-shattering as when the Beatles broke up, is it? [BCC]
Pat O’Brien Is Responsible For Brad And Jen’s Breakup
The main is just pure evil. [cityrag]
Vincent Gallo Used A Cock-Double
Chloe Sevigny blew Jacob Christner, and not the Gallo himself. [WOW Report]
Kylie Mingogue Does Not Have A 16-Inch Waist
The London rags were all a buzz that Kylie was wearing a 16-inch corset. [Guardian]
Gambling, Hookers, Drugs: Welcome To The Sheen/Richards Divorce
It’s not going to pretty. [Page Six]
Gawker Watches PoweR Girls So We Don’t Have To
Episode highlight: Rachel has a burning sensation when she pees. [Gawker]