Nibbly Things: R Kelly Behind The Mask and More

R Kelly To Star As Superhero
Actually no, but he needs to lose the mask. [Page Six]
Heidi Klum and Seal Are Expecting Baby
Glückwünsche. [AP]
Boys Ran Wild At Neverland
“With the absence of authority figures there, children became wild. Without parents it became like Pinocchio’s pleasure island sometimes.” – I don’t have a clue what Pinocchio’s pleasure island would be like?
Gawker Watches PoweR Girls So We Don’t Have To
“Everyday I open the paper and people write bad things about me.” – Only truth Lizzie, only the truth. [Gawker]
Denise Richards Still Upset With Charlie Sheen
She’s banned him from the house, and the delivery of their second baby. And he claims it wasn’t because he slept around. Drugs then? Did he leave his dirty underwear lying around? [Superficial]
Robert Blake Still To Face Civil Hearing
Pay up. [BBC]