Nibbly Things: Roberts Yeganeh Hides Martha Stewart’s Ankle Bracelet and More

Martha Stewart’s Clever Footwear
She has specially designed footwear to hide her ankle bracelet. [Page Six]
FCC Rules Desperate Monday Night Football Not Indecent
No kidding. They’re geniuses at the FCC. [AP]
Mario Vazquez Quits American Idol
Damn. He was the hot one. [Gawker]
Michael Jackson’s Accuser Can’t Get Story Straight
He either molested you or he didn’t. Which is it? [AP]
David Barton Sues
There’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. [Page Six]
U2’s Bono Launches Clothing Company
The goal is to build a brand that produces desirable and wearable clothing while providing sustainable employment and stable commercial relationships in developing areas of the world. – Just one step away from a sweat shop. Tread carefully, Bono. [ABC News]
A Topless Sheryl Crow
Not pretty. [News of the World via Superficial]