Nibbly Things: Robbie Williams Misses Drugs and More

Robbie Williams Would Still Be Doing Drugs If They Didn’t Make Him Fat
Nice. [Ananova]
Tom Cruise Sends Scientology Greetings
It features L. Ron Hubbard’s “Code of Honor.” Bless that Tom Cruise. [Defamer]
Benicio del Torro Like ‘Em Young
His latest toy is 23 year-old model/actress Sara Foster. [NYP]
Are Usher and Naomi Kaput?
If there is a god, that answer better be yes. [Page Six]
Jon Stewart Is Media Person of the Year
According to I Want Media. Fake news is in. [I Want Media]
Kirstie Alley Is Jenny Craig’s 2005 “Star” Client
I guess they have some work cut out for themselves. [Zap2it]
Javier Bardem Bloodies Models Nose While Dancing
Ladies, you need to give the latin men a little room to dance. [Page Six]
Liz Smith “A lot of blogging is fiction.”
As reported by the bloggers on reports by the gossip columnists. [Jossip]