Nibbly Things: Richie Sambora Claims He Didn’t Cheat On Heather Locklear

  • “I remained faithful during my marriage,” Richie Sambora tells the upcoming issue of Us magazine. “And I defy anyone to refute that.” He’s just asking for trouble with that quote. [Scoop]
  • Was Lindsay Lohan wearing the same clothes on her Today appearance that she was wearing the night before? Her sluggish appearance on the show is also rumored to be the result of an evening of partying. That Lindsay! [Page Six]
  • SPOILER ALERT: Nobody is safe on American Idol. [AP]
  • According to Regis Philbin, Katie Couric had a few things to say about her forthcoming CBS New anchor gig. “We’re going to make it different. It’s going to be, like, interviews. It’s going to be – not a talk show, but it’s not going to be the straight news.” So it’s going to be like almost every show on CNN? [Lowdown]
  • The Mayor Bloomberg/Scarlett Johansson moment that was never to be. [Daily Dish]
  • Jake Schroeder – who was arrested on extortion charges in January after he tried to sell a graphic sex tape he made with his ex-wife, supermodel Carolyn Murphy – says he’s sorry he ever tried to hawk the homemade porno. Now would he have been sorry is he had gotten away with it? I’m thinking not. [Page Six]
  • It seems Miss Kentucky USA 2002 Lizzie Arnold, hasn’t given up on trying to snag Nick Lachey. She was allegedly repeatedly trying to offer herself to the supposedly devastated Lachey during the recent Crown Royal Playboy party on the eve of the Kentucky Derby, leaving him suggestive voice-mail and text messages. He just wasn’t that into it. [Lowdown]