Nibbly Things: Phil Spector, Women’s Volleyball, Lindsey Kissing & More

> Phil Spector Hires Former John Gotti Attorney
When you’ve just hired a former mob bosses attorney, the assumed level of guilt would seemingly increase. [AP]
> Heterosexual Males and Lesbians Now Love Women’s Volleyball
Kerri Walsh and teammate Misty May celebrate their Volleyball gold medal. [uffish thoughts]
> Lindsey Lohan and Wilmer Kissing
Why on earth are they kissing in the Beverly Center? [witz]
> Scarlett Johansson Wants a Daddy
If only for a fling. Example being Benicio Del Torro. [ananova]
> Kate and Andy Spade Separate
He’s now staying with his brother David Spade. I’d rather stay in a loveless marriage than have to live with David Spade. [NYP]
> PETA and Cindy Crawford At War
And why are we still caring about Cindy Crawford? [NYP]
> Britney Has Officially Lost Her Mind
What the fuck is she wearing? [Stereogum]