Nibbly Things: Phil Spector, Women’s Volleyball, Lindsey Kissing & More

August 25th, 2004 // 2 Comments

> Phil Spector Hires Former John Gotti Attorney
When you’ve just hired a former mob bosses attorney, the assumed level of guilt would seemingly increase. [AP]
> Heterosexual Males and Lesbians Now Love Women’s Volleyball
Kerri Walsh and teammate Misty May celebrate their Volleyball gold medal. [uffish thoughts]
> Lindsey Lohan and Wilmer Kissing
Why on earth are they kissing in the Beverly Center? [witz]
> Scarlett Johansson Wants a Daddy
If only for a fling. Example being Benicio Del Torro. [ananova]
> Kate and Andy Spade Separate
He’s now staying with his brother David Spade. I’d rather stay in a loveless marriage than have to live with David Spade. [NYP]
> PETA and Cindy Crawford At War
And why are we still caring about Cindy Crawford? [NYP]
> Britney Has Officially Lost Her Mind
What the fuck is she wearing? [Stereogum]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. trusty

    My daughters used to wear big tshirts to sleep, Is Britney sleep walking now? How would we know…from the vacant ook in her eyes?

  2. Bunny

    I’m assuming Britney doesn’t have a stylist. She needs one BADLY. If she does have one…he/she needs to stop smoking crack and Britney needs to fire their ass. What must thos Uggs smell like by now…ewww.

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