Nibbly Things: Paul McCartney Splits From Wife

May 17th, 2006 // 11 Comments
  • Somewhere in the world Stella McCartney is jumping for joy. Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills are to separate after four years of marriage. A joint statement said they had “found it increasingly difficult to maintain a normal relationship with constant intrusion into our private lives”. Yes, the media did it. I will personally take full responsibility for the breakup of their marriage. [BBC]
  • How did Janet Jackson loose those pounds?Janet signed up for a healthy gourmet delivery service called Fresh Dining, a company that is becoming Hollywood’s new thing. The one thing TMZ failed to mention was that she also worked her ass off with a trainer as well. [TMZ]
  • Dave Navarro is heterosexual people! He has never been aroused by a man. Although he has been in situations were he could have been aroused. What willpower Dave. [Queerty]
  • New Arizona Cardinal quarterback Matt Leinart was warned by his team that if he’s serious about football, he shouldn’t be photographed out late at night dancing and drinking with his girlfriend Paris Hilton, according to the Star. “Matt took it very seriously,” a source told the tab, “almost to the point of tears.” Oh, please. [Scoop]
  • Pete Doherty squirted a syringe-full of his own blood at cameramen during an interview. That’s all you need to really know isn’t it? [Female First]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. urbancowgrl

    Stella might me jumping for joy or really pissed that she has to share part of the inheritance the ex who was only married to him for 4 years. Told you so, Dad.

  2. ravenswing

    Amen, cowgirl

  3. Steven

    Fresh Dining is nothing new. I has been around for years. Iv’e heard about since the early 90′s. And yes the definate key to Janets weight loss is her exercise regimen.

  4. Kris

    Paul and Heather never looked happy from the get-go.
    Sad for Paul because he’s was looking for another Linda who herself took a lot of abuse from the media in the beginning of their relationship. Maybe Heather should have given this more time?
    Anyhow..well, it’s kinda sad. And Stella? She should have just kept her nasty trap shut and not leaked all that negative s**t about Heather to the press. But in the end, this couple needs to take full responsibility for their break-up. Maybe Paul just turned out to be a boring stubborn old geezer. He certainly didn’t age gracefully in the looks dept…never should have had that AWFUL plastic surgery done.

    …and next time Paul, go for a Yoko, not a “Heather”…that should have been your first clue.

  5. urbancowgrl

    Why a Yoko instead of a Heather? Yoko was just a reflection of her times, at the right place at the right time during that whole fluxus art movement when she met John. Interest in her continued because she was associated with John. At least Heather was introduced to us when she was raising awareness to worthy causes, which I’m sure Paul had an interest in.

  6. Lisa

    Does this mean he’s free to wear fur?

  7. doofus

    blaming the media is a TOTAL cop out.

    I could understand an excuse like that from Affleck/J. Lo, or Brit/K-Fed, because they WERE/ARE constantly scrutinized in the media.

    but Paul and Heather?…I don’t remember reading much dirt about them AT ALL. whenever I did read something, it was just about them attending some event, never about strife in their relationship.

    however, the MOST recent thing I read before this was that Heather gave Sir Paul an ultimatum regarding his penchant for smoking pot. either give it up or say goodbye to her.

    maybe he chose the green over the blonde…

  8. no prenup and anyone could tell she was after his money and fame. she made a big stink about wanting to be called ‘lady mccartney’ which she’s not entitled to be called and this is a ‘generous and kind person” ? there is no fool like an old fool

  9. kim

    what the hell is wrong with Pete Doherty? I hope those camera men get tested, as with everyone else who SAW the blood, that guy has to have every disease known to man… ICK!

  10. Ugh

    Never in a zillion years did I think Paul McCartney would split from Heather.

  11. Draya

    While it’s sad for Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, my goodness who didn’t see this coming?? He’s what, 23-25 years older than her? C’mon. That’s an insurmountable age difference. A guy of his age is set in his ways and isn’t going to take any shizz from anybody.

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