Nibbly Things: Paula Abdul Renews ‘Idol’ Contract

March 30th, 2006 // 7 Comments


  • Paula Abdul will continue not making any sense on American Idol for another three years. [AP]
  • There have been rumblings of a Kimora Lee-Russell Simmons split for months, but the next issue of Us Weekly says the announcement will come in a matter of days. The mag names his alleged new girlfriend as model Denise Vasi, 23. Let us all say a prayer from Ms. Vasi, because if this is true, Kimora will rip this poor woman to shreds. [Gatecrasher]
  • Elizabeth Spiers returned to the blogsphere with Dealbreaker yesterday. The early reviews are a bit mixed. [Blogebrity]
  • An anonymous foreign businessman is said to have paid $22.5 million for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston‘s 12,000-sq.-ft. French Normandy-style house. Why the secrecy? [People]
  • Is there a cat fight going on between Pamela Anderson and photographer David LaChapelle? Girls. [Page Six]
  • Daryl Hannah‘s decision to do a breast-baring pole dance saved her life. If I had a penny for all the times I’ve used that line . . . [The Sun]
  • A stuntman who received burns over 60% of his body during the filming of Mission Impossible 3 has sued Paramount Pictures, Tom Cruise‘s production company (Cruise/Wagner) and others, alleging that their negligence caused him “severe personal injury.” Ooops. [TMZ]
  • Pregnant actress Angelina Jolie has flown her mother Marcheline Bertrand from America to Paris so the French actress can watch the birth of her first grandchild. That’s sweet. [SFG Daily Dish]
  • In Julia Roberts‘ Broadway debut, an errant tomato causes the actress to break out of character. [Reuters]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. It’s not Ms.Bertrand’s first grandchild. It’s her third. I am sure she considers Angelina’s other two children her first and second grandchildren.

  2. justMe

    the power couple is divrocing?
    Kimora ‘will kick a bitchess ass!’, as she says.
    guess he could not put up with her and/or the rings on her neck.

  3. Tansy

    Ditto, Lisa V. Scowls to you guys. Adopted children ARE your children.

  4. A 3 year contract for Paula?

    What’s weird is that now she is GUARANTEED to have a longer career than any of the pop artists they have created on the show.

  5. Lolly

    hahaha Kimora- i knew sooner or later your pretend picture perfect life was going to crash down on your stupid self- why don’t you go out and get some more weed LOL

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