Nibbly Things: Pamela Anderson Hooks Up With Kanye West

January 30th, 2006 // 19 Comments
  • Pamela Anderson and Kanye West. WTF? [Gatecrasher]
  • Author James Frey will not be writing a book about his “fall from grace.” Probably because no one would believe what he had to say. [AP]
  • How do Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt like to fly? “They bought eight seats for the four of them in first class to block themselves out. They didn’t want to be bothered by anyone else – but they also didn’t have nannies or staff with them.” If you’ve got the cash, why not. [Page Six]
  • Reailty stars and Corey Feldman get turned away at Sundance gifting suites. Life’s a bitch. [Gatecrasher]
  • Actress Emma Thompson has adopted a 17-year-old Rwandan orphan after failing to conceive a second child. [contactmusic]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t fond of binge drinking British women. She says, “I really don’t like drunk women. I think it’s such a bad look. I think it’s very inappropriate. “I think, ‘Ooh, you’re really degrading yourself to be this p**sed out in public.’ [contactmusic]
  • ABC News co-anchor Bob Woodruff and camera operator Doug Vogt were seriously injured in a roadside bombing. Here’s to a speedy recovery. [Reuters]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    I think I should speak on behalf of all British binge drinking women and say a big “FUCK OFF BACK TO THE USA GWYNETH OR STOP COMPALINING ABOUT US”……….cheers

  2. T.J.

    Everytime Gwyneth uses a British word, I want to slap her in the mouth. Besides, I’ve seen pictures of Gwyneth all ‘pissed’ along with her buddy, Madonna. But I’m sure Gwyneth means it’s degrading for ‘others’ and not herself, of course.

  3. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    the woman NEVER STOPS MOANING whether it be about the british people and or/country/weather/food-that she seems to loath despite living over here for the past 3-4 years or she’s just droning on and on and on about organic food and the press and her “art”…….the woman must be the most boring person to be around on the planet, she must be bored herself cos she only eats cardboard and tofu, doesnt drink, or let her hair down….smile for fuck sake what have you got to complain about really….oops maybe I should stop moaning too ha ha!

  4. gail

    If everyone in the world bought two plane tickets instead of only one then there would be less money to donate to the starving children around the world.

  5. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    good point gail, you should bring that to the attention of UNICEF lol!

  6. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    Gail: good point lol! You should bring that to the attention of UNICEF!

  7. Fugly Girl

    On the Brad and Angelina thing…….at least they aren’t throwing those kids off on nannies all the time like some celeb parents we know…cough cough *Kate Moss* cough cough. Gwyneth too, I do respect her for parenting her own child but I am tired of her and Madonna trying to be British. You are AMERICAN, quit trying to talk like Brits you twats! You don’t see Kate Winslet or Moss or any other Brit come over here and start using words like DUDE.

  8. zenjen

    SHUT UP Gwyneth. Nobody CARES.

    If only we were all as perfect as Gwyneth….well, then the world we be a frighteningly neurotic, boring place.

  9. T.J.


    Yeeeaaaah, we don’t want the bitch back. But, hey, we do appreciate you taking her off our hands.
    Merci beaucoup, Girlfriend!

  10. To Gail and all of you complaining about the extra plane tickets Brangelina bought: Are you forgetting that she donates 15% of her salary to charity? 15%! And she does not charge organizations when she travels on their behalf. Most stars do. The plane ticket thing is for their protection and privacy. Geez. They do so much for charity. You all know it but you can’t bring yourself to admit it their good deeds. Attack the other stars who do nothing but not them. Who spends Thanksgiving in an earthquake ravaged Pakistan rather than in front of a big fat turkey? Angelina and Brad. I guess it’s too much to ask of you all to recognize that act of charity, huh?

  11. T.J.

    I am always befuddled by people that choose to champion for celebrities, rather than, oh, I don’t know, STARVING BABIES? (I’m looking at YOU, Tammie!) Brad and Angie don’t need your help, Darlin’. But I can hook you up with charities that desperately do need your help. Interested? I didn’t think so.

  12. T.J.: I am African. My brother died of AIDS in Africa, thank you very much. I know about charities, thank you very much. While you talk about charity, I have lived it. No matter what Angelina’s intentions are, I don’t care, but she talks about us and our plight and people listen and she gives money. Who gives a crap about what she spends on plane tickets when she is talking about raising money for meds to save my people? Yeah, I champion her, Chris Tucker, Brad , Oprah, Bob Geldof and Bono – all the ones who give a crap that there are African kids living on the street in cardboard boxes cause their parents died of AIDS. The reason we put them on a pedestal is because so many dummies would not pay attention to us dying unless beautiful stars say we are dying. Thank you Angelina, for speaking out.

  13. Angelina Jolie

    I buy extra seats so I don’t have to sit next to the crazy people. Do you know there are actually people who wear someone else’s blood around their neck. Gross. I wouldn’t want my kids to catch their STUPIDITY. Who cares if I waste money and jet fuel. I can just make another lame movie and sell my sexuality to stupid people and make a few million.

  14. helpmespreadtheword

    gail u r right. I wish everyone else could see it.
    Angelina Jolie helping the world? Please, only as long as it makes her look good and keeps her in the headlines. Bono has been helping for years and one paid any attention to him….

  15. hehehe

    Angelina Jolie (#13) you are briliant. Tammie you need help. You are defending ppl you never met. Bad ppl. Ppl who have sex with their siblings and cheat and and dont do much but look good (well depending on your opinions, I think they dont look good…)

  16. Ok, I want one of you to tell me that Angelina Jolie is not helping good causes. Forget WHY she does it. Just tell me that she is not doing good deeds. You can’t. Simple as that. She is doing great things with her celebrity. That is what stupid actors and actresses are supposed to do. You’re not supposed to show up at Award shows with great looking clothes and that’s it. Why do you think you have millions? To give back. I don’t care how she does it, why she does it, but she does it. That’s it. And yes, I will bring up Aniston. When was the last time she visited a 3rd world country or even a poor US neighborhood? I don’t think so. Case closed. Tammie, you make sense – thanks for sharing your thoughts. Rest of you morons, put your money where your mouth is!

  17. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    T.J no problem-can we swap jordan for lindsey lohan please?

  18. T.J.

    Jordan for Ho Han? No problem. However, there is one stipulation: That skeevy twat, Victoria Beckman, must immediately relinquish her US passport. We don’t even want her to visit.

    P.S. We’ll fly Lindsay across the pond the minute she is released from the hospital where she is recovering from an “asthma attack”. Wink. Wink.

  19. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    T.J. ok no more posh spice….but in return……..would you be so kind as to get the “drag queens in disguise as popstars” – oh no sorry “Pussy Cat Dolls” off of the UK airwaves, we are old enough to cope but won’t somebody please think of the children!

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