Nibbly Things: Pamela Anderson Won’t Be Pole Dancing On NBC

  • Pamela Anderson’s pole dancing will be cut out of the Elton John special that will air on NBC. No word on if Elton will reshoot the pole dancing video with himself as the pole dancer. [AP]
  • Why is Simon Cowell phoning a porn star? [gossiplist]
  • Bono had dinner with the archconservative Jesse Helms. They chatted about DATA — or Debt, AIDS, Trade in Africa — a nonprofit organization he helped found in 2002 with other activists to increase awareness of the crises in Africa. [AP]
  • The story of Jenna Bush and the cocaine dealer. [Radar Online]
  • Russell Crowe basically confirms that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are a couple. [SFG Daily Dish]
  • According to Brad Pitt’s 82-year-old grandmother, Betty Russell, he has no current plans to wed Angelina Jolie. Thanks for clearing that up Betty. []
  • Janet Jackson does not have a secret child, nor did she give her to her sister Rebbie Jackson. Well, that’s no fun. [FOX411]
  • Winnie the Pooh butches up and gets a girl friend. [Reuters]