Nibbly Things: Pat Robertson Goes Off Deep End

  • ABC Family is distancing itself from religious broadcaster Pat Robertson who suggested the president of Venezuela be assassinated. No word on who is planning on assassinating Pat Robertson. [THR]
  • Multiples of Tom Cruise are hovering around the Paramount lot. Note to self, avoid the Paramount lot. [Defamer]
  • While I love the trashiness of the thought that Britney Spears is a bigamist, I think this one is going the way of the “Courtney Love is pregnant” rumor. [Scoop]
  • R. Kelly is set to perform at the MTV Video Awards. The music channel has insisted he wears a Depends undergarment during his performance. [AP]
  • Trya Banks is coming to daytime television. Let the tears begin. [Jossip]
  • The mother of Michael Jackson’s accuser has been accused of fraud. Shocking. [AP]
  • Why does Sharon Stone have phone numbers for Bill Clinton and Bono? []