Nibbly Things: Pat Robertson Goes Off Deep End

August 24th, 2005 // 3 Comments
  • ABC Family is distancing itself from religious broadcaster Pat Robertson who suggested the president of Venezuela be assassinated. No word on who is planning on assassinating Pat Robertson. [THR]
  • Multiples of Tom Cruise are hovering around the Paramount lot. Note to self, avoid the Paramount lot. [Defamer]
  • While I love the trashiness of the thought that Britney Spears is a bigamist, I think this one is going the way of the “Courtney Love is pregnant” rumor. [Scoop]
  • R. Kelly is set to perform at the MTV Video Awards. The music channel has insisted he wears a Depends undergarment during his performance. [AP]
  • Trya Banks is coming to daytime television. Let the tears begin. [Jossip]
  • The mother of Michael Jackson‘s accuser has been accused of fraud. Shocking. [AP]
  • Why does Sharon Stone have phone numbers for Bill Clinton and Bono? []
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. miguelito

    well, at least robertson truly abides by the thruth… we know washington has been thinking the exact same thing for a while now…

  2. bill clinton is starfucker. of course sharon stone has his number. i’m surprised paris hilton didn’t have it in her sidekick.

  3. What attention would Pat Robertson get from the rest of us if he didn’t say something incendiary and outrageous from time to time? Once again he stumbles onto the world stage to put his blessed foot into his mouth. I mean, who really takes anything he says seriously? He purports to speak with such theological assurance, the basis for his blunders. With Robertson’s religious terms let me say: Woe, Pat. Woe, unto any minister who would divide God’s house for politics!

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