Nibbly Things: Pat O’Brien Get’s Naughty and More

March 23rd, 2005 // 7 Comments

A Masturbating Pat O’Brien
No thank you. [Page Six]
Patricia Heaton Sounds Off On Terri Schiavo
The world is not so happy with Patricia Heaton. [Patricia Heaton Online - thanks to Kelly for the link]
Sandra Bullock On Her Male Co-Stars
Ben Affleck. He was Mr. Late. On ‘Forces of Nature,’ we called it ‘Ben time.’” [Daily Dish]
Mischa Barton Topless
Kind of conehead shaped. [stereogum]
Michael Jackson: Live In Vegas
This would make so much sense. [Jossip]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Nanc'

    Pat O’Brien—ICK!

  2. Steve

    Patricia Heaton needs to STFU. Why is it that actors are under the impression that people give a shit about their political opinions? This sub C-list bitch is using this to get herself some exposure because her show is coming to an end and it’s probably just sinking in that prospects for 3rd rate sitcom actors are never really very good once the gravytrain pulls into the station and they have to get off. Disgusting

  3. Angie

    It’s amazing…if Madonna, bruce springsteen, Brad Pitt, Leonardo, and all these other raving lunatics come forth with their one-sided point of view, they are hailed as geniuses, but if someone actually uses their fame to stand up for a defenseless person, then we tell them to STFU???….ok, no wonder why most of the country doesn’t agree with this crap….be consistent….if someone was being denied food and water at abu gharib, you’d be all over it…denouncing “the horrific actions of this totalitarian regime”…..get with it…either you stand up for what’s wrong or you don’t….it’s not about an agenda!!!

  4. SDW

    Patricia Heaton’s notebook section is now shut down, just when it was getting good too. There were some pretty angry (and funny)responses to her recent remarks on the Terri Schiavo case. Ah Patricia, when will you learn that sometimes it’s best to remove foot from mouth before offering your unwanted and utterly stupid opinions?

  5. Re all the people irked at Patricia Heaton: it’s called the First Amendment!! It was still in the Constitution last time I checked, and it even applies to people with whom we disagree…
    Re the MB photo: yours will look like cones too, if you bend over and they’re REAL.

  6. Steve

    Hey Angie, the prisoners at Abu Gharib aren’t half brain dead vegetables that can’t feel pain. Get a clue. We never heard her screaming about the 6 year old in Texas that had his tube removed AGAINST his parent’s wishes because they couldn’t afford the hospital bill.

  7. Steve

    and yeah, it is about an agenda.

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