Nibbly Things: Project Runway’s Wendy Survives and More

Wendy, “The Cockroach,” Lives On ‘Project Runway
At least we got a parting naked butt shot of Rob. [KTB]
Martha Stewart To Star In The Apprentice
It’s a good thing. Look for the ratings to be phenomenal. [E Online]
Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony To Duet On Grammy’s
Where they will stun the world by actually divorcing live on television. [E Online]
Karl Lagerfeld Disses Nicole Kidman
“She has this bizarre body make-up: endless legs and not very much in the way of breasts.” – She can take him down. [MSNBC]
Rap Star Houston Gouges Eye Out After Failed Suicide Attempt
I was going to say that didn’t make any sense, but he attempted suicide so there really wasn’t a clear state of mind there. [VH1]
Kabbalah Energy Drink Is Finally Here
It’s infused with Kabbalah water, which is holy water.” – Currently only available in Southern California – figures. [MSNBC]
Who Played The State Of the Union Drinking Game?
If you did, I hope you drank lots of water before you went to bed. [The Corsair]
Brad And Jen Still Living Together
Last week, they had dinner at L.A.’s L’Orangerie, where they were spotted holding hands. – She pregnant. I just know it. [R&M]
Eric Clapton Becomes Dad Again At 59
So that means he’ll be 75 at his daughters Sweet 16. Why? [Ananova]