NIbbly Things: Paris Hilton And the N Word and More

Paris Hilton Allegedly Uses Racial Slur In Porn Tape
Not so sweet after all, huh? Plus, the porn tape features Nick Carter. Who really wants to see that? [Gawker]
Zeta Jones Alleged Stalker Pleads Not Guilty
Despite the graphic nature of Knight’s death threats, the defense maintains that she is harmless and is merely acting on a “girlish crush” on Zeta-Jones’ husband, actor Michael Douglas. – Uh, huh. [Zap2it]
Heinz Holba’s a Bad Man
Heinz Holba, founder of New York Model Management and L.A. Models hasn’t paid two models, who have modeled. He’s using illicit drug use as the reason. If that’s a reason not to pay models, 75% of them would be in the poorhouse. [Verbose Coma]