Nibbly Things – Prince Filipe, Christ, Whitney, Penelope, Nicole Richie and More

A couple days off and there are Nibbly Things galore.

> Prince Filipe Subjected To Airport Check
Welcome to our world sweetie. [AP]
> Omarosa Fired Numerous Times
Just thought you would like to know. [AP]
> Second Woman Claims Affair With David Beckham
Come on girls, if your going to claim it, do it now. [AP]
> Beckham and Wife Consult Lawyers
Girls, if you’re going to do it, you better have some damn good evidence. If not, Posh will sue you. [AP]
> Mel’s Passion Tops Easter Box Office
Let’s see Christ get whipped, and then have some ham. [Reuters]
> Stamos and Stamos Filing For Divorce
Did anyone believe this marriage would last anyway? [E Online]
> Justin Guarini and Nicole Richie Engaged
How did I not know about this. [Daily Refill via Gawker]
> Penelope Wept, Asking Tom Why?
I would say, but I don’t want to get sued. [Ananova]
> Whitney’s Dad’s Lawsuit Dropped
Good news for Whitney, despite the fact that he’s dead, and she never went to his funeral. [MSNBC]